• bouquets, mini carnations, gerberas, mini gerberas, roses, lilies, dendrobioum, anthuria, chrysanthema (euro, marbla, stalion, reagan), gladiolus …
  • complementary green – asp. plumosus, salal, rumora, philodendron, aralia, ruskus, beargras
  • seasonal assortment
  • products of foreign and Slovak production


  • flower baskets from wattles
  • ossibility to add various savouries (desserts, chocolate, champagne, wine...

Flowerpot plants

  • decorative leaf – palma kentzia, yucca, fikus elastica decora, ficus benjamina, araukaria, maranitma, draceana, raphidophora aurea, nephrolepis...
  • decorative flower - saintpaulia (violet), kalanchoe, spatiphilum
  • seasonal assortment (e.g. gloxinia chrysanthema...)
  • during spring months wide offer of balcony and annual flowers (surfinia, pelargonium, petitunia, begonia)


  • professional floristry and arrangements
  • delivery
  • consulting service