Dear customer, thank you for your interest in our florist´s e-shop EMPEFLOR. You can purchase as individual person or corporation without any restrictions, in case you will fulfil following terms of trade.

You can order any goods from our offer..

Delivery prices are:

personal taking up 0,00 €

  • price within Košice 6,70 €
  • Košice neighbourhood
    • Ťahanovce 5,00 €
    • Krásna, Barca 8,30 €
    • Airport, Pereš 10,00 €
    • US Steel 11,60 €
    • Šaca 15,00 €
  • outside of Košice to 10km 7,30€
  • outside of Košice over 10 km 320,- Sk / 7,30 € another next km + 0,66 € (i.e. Zlata Idka, 22 km from Kosice counts like: 7.30 + 12 x 0.66 = 15.22 € - basic price plus 12 km additional).

EMPEFLOR confirmes your order by telephone or by email, so you are immediately informed about the amount and assortment EMPEFLOR is able to deliver.

B y order confirmation you conclude the contract of sale with EMPEFLOR, according which EMPEFLOR is obliged to deliver ordered goods and you are obliged to pay for that goods.

In case the order or part of the order is not confirmed by EMPEFLOR, please proceed your order again.

You can return the goods to EMPEFLOR in original condition and cover within 5 days from the date of assumption. Please contact EMPEFLOR by telephone first.

Order assumption

  • we immediately dispatch the orders received during the working days until 6pm
  • the orders received during the holidays and weekends, and orders received after 6pm we dispatch next working day.

Terms of payment

  • You can pay for ordered goods by:
    1. Bank transfer to our account. After payment receiving we will dispatch the good..
    2. Cash on delivery
    3. In cash during transport assured by EMPE FLOR (within Košice and after telephone agreement)
    4. By Western Union.
    5. By CardPay
  • Data needed for purchase price transfer:

    Payment within country:
    Tatra Banka 2924890794/1100

    Payment from abroad :
    IBAN: SK10 1100 0000 0029 2489 0794
    Tatra banka, a.s.
    Hodžovo námestie 3
    850 05 Bratislava 55

    Express postal order:

    Magdaléna Petríková
    EMPE FLOR kvetinárstvo
    Budapeštianska 16 - 18
    040 13 Košice

    Wester Union:

    We confirm your order by return to your telephone number or email.

  • We guarantee the prices in the moment of order
  • We charge the price of goods with VAT, packing and postage fees, and transporting charges depending on form and place of delivery
  • Transporting fees depends on delivery place distance from EMPE FLOR headquarter.

Terms of delivery

Our company can deliver the goods directly to your address. The condition is your presence in agreed address and during arranged time.

ATTENTION In case you will not take the delivery at your address or at the post-office, the goods will be deliver by another form at your expense!

Terms of reclamation

Supplier / seller responsibility

The supplier is responsible for deficiencies of the delivered goods according the § 613 to 627 of Civil code and § 9 to 13 of Law no. 108/2000 Z.z.

The goods has to have required (or set by an act) quality, amount, measure and weight, and has to be without evident deficiencies.

For deficiencies of goods during taking delivery is responsible the supplier. The supplier is not responsible for deficiencies due the goods using or incorrect handling.

The supplier is not responsible for the deficiencies of goods with discount agreed between supplier and consumer.

Reclamation period

Supplier is mandatory to deliver goods in amount, assortment and quality agreed in order.

Consumer is mandatory to acquaint with complexity and quality of goods without delay, and is responsibile to reclaim the goods within 3 days-period from delivery date.

The reclaimed goods is consumer mandatory give back to supplier in original condition and package within 5 days from the assumption.

Guarantee period is six months from the date of goods assumption by consumer, if it is not assigned otherwise.

Reclamation process

Consumer can reclaim only the goods purchased by EMPEFLOR.

Consumer is mandatory to fill the „Reclamation ticket“ and send it with the goods to the supplier, to address: EMPEFLOR – Kvetinárstvo, Budapeštianska ul. 16-18, 040 13 Košice.

Consumer is mandatory to deliver goods to supplier in original condition with all documents, including the bill copy.

Supplier reserves the period for reclamation proceeding of goods needed to be send for adjustment related to the reclamation.

Supplier informs the consumer about reclamation proceeding within 5 working days from the date of reclamation receiving.

Removable deficiencies

If the deficiency of goods delivered is removable, consumer has right for free, early and proper removing of deficiencies.

Supplier is mandatory to remove such deficiency without unnecessary delay.

If the goods has not been opened and used, consumer can ask for goods replacement.

Removable deficiencies are deficiencies that do not infract the quality of goods and its utility characteristics.

Non-removable deficiencies

If the deficiency is non-removable and goods is therefore impossible to use, consumer has right for:

  • goods replacement, or
  • reclamation proceeding with discount, or
  • withdraw of the contract of sale.

Consumer has the same right in the case of repeated removable deficiencies of goods that disable to use the goods properly. Repeated deficiency is the deficiency repeated after the second repair under a letter of guarantee.


The discount for reclaimed goods depends on the deficiency character, stage and form of goods depreciation, period of usage and possibility of its later usage.

Consumer has the right of discount for goods deficiencies that do not restrain proper goods usage.

Purchase price repay

Supplier guarantee the purchase price repay in the case of cancelling the goods order, that is not able to deliver within the agreed time, or in the case of dissatisfaction with the quality and function of the goods with non-removable deficiencies.


This „Terms of reclamation“ regards to goods delivered via e-shop EMPEFLOR.

It is valid from January 1st 2011